Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Telecomm Masters: IPR lectures start today

A quick note. I am in-session (i.e. in class) and we have our first lecture (of 7 or 8) on intellectual property rights, and I feel really excited about this. Thus far we´ve had lectures on telecommunications law, rthe underlying economic theory in telecomms, and then the technological and technical fundaments of telecomms. The technical part I´ve not enjoyed so much, since it covers material that I already know. The challenging new terrain that I am treading: law and the underlying economic theory, I find far more interesting, (1) because it´s new terrain and that always animates me, and now having these formal lectures in IPR I regard as animating as well. What it gives me is scope to address i.a. these issues in any subsequent formal study (thesis) that I have to submit next September. Yes, I´ve participated and am participating on the CopySouth initiative and am very knowledgeable in this terrain (and I´ve even lectured on this theme), but there´s something to be said for rigorous formal instruction in any domain. It´s a way of ensuring that all the bases are covered, and that I don´t have any blindspots.


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