Saturday, October 07, 2006

my new home

well, the blog title needs qualification. meaning that, as is obvious, it is a "not so new" home, and then whether it is "home" is also to be questioned since after all, the role of a university is to educate people who then move on and out. i´ve been here ten or so days by now. it is scary the ease with which i am settling in! rolling stone?...

the pic above is of (a part of) keble college (do see the aesthetically pleasing web site and also the static pic tour and virtual tour). it is saturday night, as the blog timestamp will so ashamedly reveal... before you think that this (blogging on a saturday night) sounds really pathetic, let it be noted that i am sitting in my flat, nursing a flu-ish me. there is a party close-by (a college bop), nice funky music wafting through the air. i am missing out (blah). anyway, it´s not a good idea to go out. i will only regret giving my immune system the setback a smoky pub environment will elicit.

i am at the OII to read for the DPhil, and will there blog about my academic / research pursuits (yes, a separate blog then, which does not signify that a new blog sounds the death knell for this blogger blog . nope. al contrario.)

i´ve met a number of fellow Keble grad students by now. really nice (and of course diverse) bunch. being here is truly fascinating, to say the least. a microcosm of the globe.


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