Sunday, April 29, 2007

is it just me?...

i´ve been trying to find the following article, received today via an e-mail alert:

An Italian Federalism ? - The State , its Institutions and National Culture as Rule of Law Guarantor

Author(s): Del Duca , L . F . ; Del Duca , P

ISSUE: 2006 ; VOL 54 ; PART 4

Jrnl: Am. J. Comp. L

so, i go looking for it, because the hyperlinks in the alert don´t take me to the actual issue, but to earlier issues of said journal. moreover, the databases h/linked to, seem to have some sort of embargo going, and just-published stuff are not available. of course, this means i need to go looking in other aggregator databases. so, i enter my search text, and get the following error:

somebody slap me!!

for those who cannot read the image text. it says:

"Your query has been intercepted because you may have intended to FIND a document."


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