Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ENISA Quarterly Review, Q3 2008

the latest edition of ENISA Quarterly Review, 3rd Quarter 2008, is available online at ENISA's website.


This edition includes articles following a call for contributions related to "Security and Interoperability of eID".

Here is a quick sample of the articles you will find in this issue:

* A Letter from the Executive Director
* A Word from the Editor
* Electronic Identity Cards and Citizens' Portals
* eID Interoperability: the Key to Success in Europe
* eduGAIN - a Pan-European Confederation
* Privacy and Capability Management for the European eIDM Framework
* Common Criteria Protection Profiles for the Spanish eID-related Applications
* Complexity is the Achilles Heel of eID - the Swedish eID System
* Finnish Government Proposes Access to Employee Identification Data
* ENISA's Activities on eID - an Update
* Can Online Social Networks Qualify as Identity Management Systems
* Food for Thought: Can we be Green and Secure?
* An Interview with Kevin Mitnick - Social Engineering: No Silver Bullets

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