Thursday, December 01, 2005


Lately I´ve been thinking about friends whom I´ve lost contact with, and so lost track of. I will post their names here in the hope that if anyone googles for them (...yes, and you´re thinking that if s/one is googling for s/one then probably they too are looking for that person... Not necessarily. The person doing the googling might just have met this person, and is digging for some background info...C´mon admit that you´ve done that... If you´ve not then you´re not normal. Anyhow, I digress.) The people I am looking for are: Marie-Alice Marcelin originally from Haiti, and who used to work for the FAO in Haiti about four years ago. Marie-Alice was a fellow summer school student with me in Madrid in July 2000.

Then I am also looking for Hugo Fiz Palacios, who used to live in Madrid in July 2000; who was one of my Spanish tutors back in Cape Town in q1 of 2000; who had taught at an institution in Namibia as an AECI bursary candidate in approx. 1999 or 1998; and who I last knew was on his way to meet up with his girlfriend who was doing humanitarian aid work in Bosnia or Serbia (that was in August 2000). If you know where these people are, please send an e-mail to jenniferdebeer at gmail dot com.


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