Thursday, March 09, 2006

datos policiales y videovigilencia

Today we have a four hour lecture (two lectures of two hours each) with Ricard Martínez Martínez, regarding the special case of data protection vis-a-vis police data (it´s collection, use, etc). And in this second lecture of the day we are now considering videovigilancia (video surveillance). The theme links with what I had observed in the Harun Farocki installation some weeks ago in that the installation started with a computer screen rendition of a system which tracks the movements of customers in a store. Where we are shown, when clicking on any one customer-blip on the screen, the detail of what they had bought or had placed in their trolleys to date, appears on the screen. The sort of scary thing we try not to think about when out and about. Switch to screen of a similar system which is tracking the movements of the prisoners via the ankle bracelet which they are required to wear.

Anyhow, I have since come across this video-art piece of surveillance in a mall as created by a certain chris oakley, as posted by Philipp on his blog.

I know Philipp. Judging by our blogs, it seems we have been preoccupied by the same themes, though we have not had contact about these themes. ¡Qúe raro!


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