Sunday, December 03, 2006

the &c

yep, i left that out in the previous posting. it´s a mixed bag, really.

for one, england always feels familiar, much like the netherlands, because of the historical/colonial links with south africa. how this expresses itself would be place names, surnames, and products (or brands) that are the same. all so familiar.
place names: claremont, worcester, mowbray
surnames: i see my mom´s maiden surname (Pearce) a lot. and then also Phillips, though not so much. Phillips was my maternal grandmother´s surname. She was Emily Phillips. Well, to digress, judging by grandparental distribution, I am (in no particular order):
25% German-with-Dutch-ancestry
25% Indigenous South African
25% Irish
25% Indigenous Australian
oh, but what a silly little matter of mathematics this seems to be. how neat. if only it were so simple.

products: marmite, bisto, weetabix (except in SA it was called Weetbix), worcestershire sauce,...


anyone know how/where to get a copy of the song that Tom Waits sings in the Roberto Benigni movie "The tiger and the snow"? funny thing is i was reminded of Tom Waits earlier this week when s/one i know was playing some music that sounded like Tom Waits, and i then remembered how much i liked that song. i checked itunes, but ...nada. and today, on the cover of the El País magazine, there is the mug of Tom Waits.


On the same magazine cover there is a reference to Chavezlandia, which also reminds me of a story I´d seen earlier in the week, re the availability of "Hugo Chavez" dolls. I thought to myself then: I wonder if one could get one on eBay... Oye, porfa, no soy fan, ¿entiendes? Se trata más de un rasgo del mundo en que vivimos. The availability of these dolls is like some extreme expression (symptom) of the crazy world we live in.


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