Saturday, December 02, 2006

leonard cohen tiene la culpa

this morning i stepped out in search of a book for a friend. i stopped by at the bookstore to enquire. after very diligent searching on the part of the shop assistant, i went away with some useful info. on my way out of the store it just so happens that there was a copy of leonard cohen´s latest anthology of poems (book of longing) published in May of this year. I leafed through the pages -- he writes so well after all -- and read some beguiling verses. and the more I read, the more the tears started to well up in my eyes. And I stood there, not caring too much that I was almost-crying in public. Almost-crying, in public, in England. I would think that´s a no-no. But then again, I´m in Oxford. Which is something different altogether.


this reminds me of what i wrote after my recent visit to spain in early-November. i had had a falling-out with a friend. yes, a friend, not a boyfriend, nor partner, nor even anything conceptually close to that. and it wasn´t so much a misunderstanding that we´d had, but rather a disagreement, unfortunately to the extent where the friendship had fallen apart.

and i wrote later:

after, i went to the uni; made my way to the computer lab, and sat there working. but the tears welled up, despite my efforts to prevent them from flowing. the lab assistant noticed; but i was in spain, and it was okay for me to cry in public. no-one would be too disturbed by that.


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