Tuesday, October 10, 2006

grain of sand / granito de arena (time capsule)

i hopped along to the yahoo time capsule initiative, and looking at the love category the following thought/impression came to mind: I feel as if I am looking at the intimate family photo album of people I´ve never known.
For, unlike many of the photos one can see online, these, maybe because they are a menagerie, seem like one-offs filled with sentiment and heavy with meaning. They are the sort of photos that people tend to put on their mantelpiece, except now it´s being "put up" digitally.

Various human emotions are being captured and represented, invariably in some kind of visual expression (It is interesting to note that the category LOVE outstrips the others three-fold, and that for instance, unlike ANGER which is characterised by lots of text expression, LOVE is almost exclusively wordless). As the data sets for the categories will grow within the next month (there is a deadline for submission), I wonder how the categories will hold up. Current tally is as follows:

Love: 365 discrete items
Anger: 29
Fun: 137
Sorrow: 32
Faith: 74
Beauty: 164
Past: 66
Now: 84
Hope: 119
You: 138



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