Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what gets left behind

this past weekend i´d had an opportunity to see some footage of cape town on screen (cinema) and for the first time i´d had this sense, upon viewing the city, of a strong feeling of "home". it was that in the movie i´d seen there was a setting in which the actress is in the V&A Waterfront, and particularly behind her is the Cape Grace Hotel. and i was reminded of how i used to walk by the hotel on an almost daily basis when i would take my dog Yuki for a walk. he particularly enjoyed going to the jetty behind the hotel to swim for a bit, especially when the city CBD got excruciatingly hot... Yuki is still in SA, along with my other dogs.

so, with my thoughts centred on the parts of my life that i´d left behind in SA, monday was weird in that i felt disconnected from the life/experiences/friends i´d had in spain. in some regard the time in spain all starts to feel like a dream. and with continued, and then prolonged, absence, my ability with the spanish language goes rusty (little-by-little), and i feel i´m losing connection with the people i know (or knew) there (same as what happened when i´d left SA).

so, feeling all of this just isn´t much fun...


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