Friday, January 05, 2007

everyone said it would be hell...

i´m referring here (in the blogpost title) to being alone in Oxford over Xmas. In fact, I found it to be quite splendid! I read a whole lot about things which have nothing explicitly to do with the Internet, had completely unscheduled time, and mostly didn´t see a soul. Of course there were still people around, since not absolutely everyone leaves, but for the most part one could go around rather anonymously. This is not to negate the good times I had when on one or two occassions I´d met up with friends. Rather, it is that it wasn´t "hell" after all. Rather, something close to heaven. One needs isolation from time to time, and it is so hard to come by, after all.
I must admit that I feel a strange mixture of anxiety when people return. Don´t get me wrong, I am happy to have seen those returning friends, find out how their holidays have been and such, and yet, the social animal who perceives herself to be on the outside does not look forward to the sense of clique-ish peer pressure which can arise.
Moments ago I´d wondered about who it was that said that "hell is other people". Googling I found
No surprises, it was Sartre, they say. (jejeje).
My underscoring Sartre might come as a surprise, and make me seem misanthropic, when I´m not. Thing is, I do do my best work when I am left to my own devices, and at such times I experience people as "meddlesome", or just simply, a nuisance.


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