Wednesday, December 06, 2006

STAIR / OII conf - The Internet: Power and Governance in a Digitised World

am at the abovementioned conf. and some notes on the keynote by Der Derian, which I would characterise as having been...

but first

rewind to my experience when attending the play on saturday "the ppl next door". 16 or 17 year old girl sitting behind me in the audience, comments on the music being played in the background as we wait for the play to start. it was that song by Ms Dynamite, and as I sit there tapping my feet she exclaims in the direction of her friend: "i love this song. my dad just loves it. it´s such a dad song!!!"

at which point i wondered whether i should stop tapping my foot, thus not showing my obvious enjoyment of the song.

ok, skip back to today:

I am at the above conf. so far so good. in my comment on Der Derian´s keynote i wonder whether i will sound like the 16/17 year old audience member on Saturday, when I say "Der Derian´s talk was such a baby boomer talk." It was, in effect, an academic talk (though that does not imply any inherent dryness) with a fair mixture of references characteristic of the liberal arts scholar, along with a fair number of pop culture references. key phrase for me: symptomology.

ok, i´ll log off now. i don´t like blogging and conferencing at the same time. or maybe it is something i need to get used to (????)...


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