Sunday, December 03, 2006

xmas party + web site redesign

i´m just back from a graduate xmas party organised by fellow grads here at college. mulled wine, mince pies, stollen, and xmas pudding. nice. (thanks Yaqoob). also especially nice to see some friends, since i haven´t seen many of them for some time due to my having kept a rather low profile (read for that, studying).


this weekend i had the idea that it was time to change my web site, and i did so, but only for the homepage, and now, given the resultant/current disjunct between the now-changed homepage, and the rest of the site, the poor thing, it looks even more neglected than it did prior to the weekend. usually the homepage elements are key in my deciding what the rest of the site should look like. so, though i´ve changed the picture, and the banner, and repositioned some textual elements, i am still not happy with the end result...there is a decided lack of coherence in the design, but i´m not sure exactly what it is that i want to change. hhhmmmm.


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