Thursday, May 03, 2007

my life is a trail of breadcrumbs

that´s a possible title for an autobiography ;)
well, note actually, this is my feeble attempt at a title which rings magically like that of Berger´s work. a work which I today remember I had read (this in addition to "Ways of Seeing" as mentioned some days ago). The work in question is "And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos". I just LOVE that title. And I have read the book. It is a title which makes you smile with recognition, sigh, and maybe even shed a tear, all at the same time!

After days of academic intensity I always feel in the mood for creative/artistic endeavours. Well, yesterday I attended day 2 of a conference titled the "The Seventh Annual Trans-Atlantic Antitrust Dialogue", hosted by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, where I play a small role in a project of Dr. Philip Marsden. It was a good event. And I say that not motivated by sheer politeness. For one, the meta-nature of the discussions were quite interesting to note (Competition Law folks seem to be a quite amiable bunch (smile)). Though Competition Law is, ostensibly, quite remote from anything else that I do, I did find the discussions and presentations quite helpful in churning up my thinking (If my supervisor must read this, probably he shrieks in horror and says "Oh god, there she goes with her mind running in yet another direction!!" (hahahah)). But ever since my first encounter with Competition Law during my Telecomms Law studies, it is something that I am intrigued by. But, so the breadcrumbs reference is to this notion of my picking up clues here, there and everywhere in some attempt at building a picture of what I want to work on. For instance, I am now browsing the work of Susan DeSanti, which was referred to yesterday.

The artistic endeavour for today has been my search for printed works of Borges. In the end, I walked away from Blackwell´s with Borges´ "Ficciones" (yes, the Spanish); "Las Bicicletas son para el Verano" by Fernando Fernán- Gómez, and "Todas las Almas" by Javier Marías. It is doubtful that I will read any of these _any_ time soon, but I _will_ get to them in the near future. The one by Marías is a novel set in Oxford, so should be interesting, getting his perspective on "here".

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At Thu May 03, 07:31:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger runnerfrog said...

Birds of the woods are dangerous breadcrumbs trail eaters. Watch out with the house made of gingerbread and cakes. :-)


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