Sunday, December 18, 2005

Community Informatics for Developing Countries - CIRN/CIDC2006 - Call for Papers

A CIRN conference on "Community Informatics for Developing Countries"
PROVISIONAL dates: 31 August - 2 September 2006
Hosted by The Information Society Institute, Cape Town, South African Partnership with the Community Informatics Research Networks (CIRN)

CIDC2006 is now open to receive papers concerning research, policyand praxis around the conference theme of "Community Informatics forDeveloping Countries". Community Informatics concerns the socialappropriation of information and communications technologies.
The practice of Community Informatics has been evident in one formor another for many years, but the delivery of real benefits tocommunities is still elusive. A number of factors mitigate againsteasy success, including the necessary involvement of manystakeholders, the problems of establishing a real understanding ofcommunity needs, and a tendency for interventions to be drivenexclusively by funders.

The conference will be pleased to receive academic papers (for review), work-in-progress papers, panel proposals and posters (notfor review), based on:
- theoretical issues,
- multidisciplinary methods of working,
- case studies,
- research methods that fully involve communities, and
- the negotiation of goals and objectives with communities.

Topics are open within the general area of Community Informatics for Developing Countries, but include
- the emergence of the Information Society and its impact on communities,
- shared Knowledge between and within communities,
- the determination of community needs,
- planning for communities by communities,
- effective community participation in community-based projects
- evaluation of community-based projects,
- community empowerment,
- the impact of ICT on community 'belonging',
- failure of traditional top-down approach to community projects,
- mother language education as a platform for community identity,
- stakeholder interaction in community interventions
- government as a network partner of communities,
- e-service delivery,

The conference is designed for researchers, policymakers, communityleaders, ICT project leaders, government officials and regional community development groups who have interests, skills and experience in Community Informatics for developing countries.
Critical dates for academic papers (for review):
- Initial submission of abstracts: 3 Feb 2006
- Notification of provisional acceptance: 20 Feb 2006
- Papers due for review: 31 Mar 2006
- Notification of final acceptance: 15 May 2006
- Final papers due: 30 Jun 2006
Critical dates for other contributions (not for review):
- Initial submission of abstracts: 3 Feb 2006
- Notification of acceptance: 20 Feb 2006
- Contributions due: 30 Jun 2006


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