Monday, May 15, 2006

chicago - magnificent mile and deep dish pizza

the conference has not started yet. ppl are still arriving etc. so we were left to our own devices and there were some organised outings in the afternoon for those who needed some orientation. i set out with a group this morning (second pic), and this evening some of the speakers and attendees sponsored by the Open Society Institute (yours truly included) were treated to some famous Chicago Deep Dish a.k.a. Deep Disk a.k.a. Stuffed Pizza. (first pic featuring Italian Andrea Glorioso - now, for clarity´s sake, that he is Italian is somehow relevant in that he was the first person up getting a pizza slice... I guess not surprising (hahaha). No, I´m just kidding. Hey, the pizza was really tasty. I´ve got some great video footage, but the Megabytage is just too much for here; will have to post on my website, eventually... Oh, this morning we (five of us as pictured) were out sight-seeing, and shopping. Let it be noted here that Vedran Vucic has an excellent sense of colour, and gave some invaluable advice on what would suit me iro. build and complexion. I´m not kidding :) In the end, he, together with Dale Peters (fellow member of the Sivulile OA SA group) found me a nice linen suit! Maybe I post a picture here later (of me in the suit - hahaha). I tell you, we OA/OSS folks are multifaceted, renaissance types ;)

aaarrrggghhhh photos are slow in uploading...


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