Wednesday, May 10, 2006

post-Rome blog (& ASSAf)

Volví a Madrid el domingo pasado; estuve en Roma. Hoy tenemos clase con Juan Carlos Alfonso from Sogecable If you don´t know anything about the Spanish entertainment industry, Sogecable will ring a bell if you´ve seen enough Spanish films through the years. They always are involved somehow, with distribution.

But hey, a quick blog. I visited with Imma Subirats last week from 2 to 7 May, and she invited me to give a talk at her workplace, the FAO of the UN.
That was 3 May. See ppt
The talk was an update of the one given at Berlin4, and included some feedback on Berlin4 itself, as well as an orientation to Open Access generally. I had a good interested audience, though not a big one. I met everyone else in the Library and Documentation Systems Division, incl. Johannes Keizer, and Anton Mangstl. And then Enrica Porcari, CIO for the CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research ). Some interesting things happening in that sector of the science world...

Rome, really lovely. I could live there. Felt really at home; sure it was a function also of Imma´s hospitality. There is a certain kind of chaos there that I found attractive.
South African Science Academy has finally released its position on OA. Great stuff. I learnt about this during my visit to SA in April, but kept mum about it here, not wanting to steal anybody´s thunder, etc. So, do see

Juice is running low; all power sockets are taken...later.


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