Tuesday, April 04, 2006

developing content for free high school science textbooks

Scientific Writing Competition

The Free High School Science Textbook (FHSST) project is holding a
scientific writing competition to develop content for free high
school science textbooks for South Africa.

FHSST will offer prizes to the competition entrants who write the
best section for a Chemistry or Mathematics text book for Grades
10 to 12.

1st : R 5000
2nd : R 3000
3rd : R 2000

About FHSST:
The FHSST project aims to provide free science and mathematics
textbooks for Grades 10-12 to all South African learners. Started
in 2002 by young South African scientists, one of the primary aims
of the project is to develop a complete set of high school science
textbooks, FREE of authors', publishers' and editors' royalties in
line with the new South African curriculum. This is accomplished
through contributions by volunteers. Physics, Chemistry and
Mathematics books are currently being worked on, with Computer
Literacy and Biology in the pipe-line.

Visit http://www.fhsst.org/ for more details on the project. Click
on the "Competition" link for details on how to enter the

-- Jaynie Padayachee
Free High School Science Texts: Physics and Mathematics
Email: jaynie@fhsst.org


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