Sunday, May 27, 2007

angel with a bushy ponytail

the write-up yesterday in the El País, Babelia supplement about a Joseph Beuys exhibition in Spain, reminded me of this angel (in the pic, 2 inch / 5cm high -- you wouldn´t say from the pic) i´d bought in Helsinki. when there, browsing, seeing all kinds of stuff made from raw materials: felt, wood, natural fibres, i thought "i feel that i am in joseph beuys country". which, is of course, erroneous, since he was German. but somehow it just all made sense, those materials, there in Finland.
so, then i was reminded of the first time i saw some of Joseph Beuys´ works in the Tate (Modern), and of how that felt seeing it all up close, after having seen his works in books through the years. it was amazing the complex feelings that these works, made from simple materials, generated.

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