Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the weather doesn´t get better?

here i am, sitting in not-so-sunny England. in fact, it is very rainy. very. i am sitting at the OII looking out onto St. Giles and there has been some thunder and a cloudburst. a friend this afternoon sent me a mail, which he said was a german joke, & wrang:

Q: how do you tell the difference between summer and winter in England?
A: the rain´s warmer in summer

como se nota en UK la diferencia entre verano y invierno¿? Pues fácil en verano la lluvia es mas calido que en el invierno.

jeez. it´s raining more now. a complete downpour. if this continues i might have to swim home...

this afternoon i was sitting thinking about the things that can annoy. that are almost inexplicable, but are those things which make your hair stand on end.
e.g. you see someone with a mullet and have the irresistible urge to grab a pair of scissors and get rid of the offending pseudo-ponytail.
ok. that´s one example. another for me would be food grease underneath plates _after_ they´ve been washed. the reason why i mention this is that this afternoon one of these phenomena confronted me (and different from the above) i.e. someone was wearing shoes but they still had the huge visible price stickers on the bottom. there´s something about that, that just makes my skin crawl. i guess that´s weird(?). but hey.

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