Friday, May 04, 2007

Group re Africa on Facebook

Strikes a funny chord, for all those who have ever had to "suffer" the kind of verbal exchanges below, as compiled by Sidumiso Dahlia Sibanda at U Sheffield. & thanks to her for creating the group :))

Group name: Africa is not one bloody country!!
Group Type: Geography - General
Group Description: For anyone who is from or lives in or has ever lived in one of the 53 COUNTRIES on the CONTINENT of Africa. Or anyone who has ever said, (or been tempted to say...)

* Just like you're not from "Europe", I am not from "Africa".

* No, I don't speak African, do you speak European?

*(On being congratulated on your good English): "Thank you, I practice every day."

* No, I don't know your friend Anna from Kenya, (even if I was from Kenya, which I'm not!).

* 'o your from Nairobi ei?.......I have a friend in Cape town'

*Swinging from trees is an Olympic sport.

* Yes, I miss my pet cheetah - he was so convenient for taking me to and from school.

* Oh yes, my father's loaded. We lived in the largest cave for miles around!

* Back home in the country 'Africa' we don't wear much - we save our loin cloths and paint for the festive seasons, harvest, marriage and is not very popular we tend to keep it natural.

Anyone who has anything to add on, please feel free...



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