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is that journal OA in some (or other) way? - see Journal Info

prior to 29 June, the way to find out of a journal (publisher) was well-disposed to Open Access, you would hop along to SHERPA/RoMEO to check the publisher copyright policy and whether they favoured self-archiving or not...

another measure would have been to see whether there was an Open Access journal for your article over at DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) at Lund University.

now we have a new service from Lund University, called Journal Info.

what i like about the service is its one-stop-shop approach. where "full info" for a journal has been compiled, you can see the following info organised around three categories of "reader accessiblity", "cost", and "quality", with respective associated indicators.

(i chose one of my favourite journals: Research Policy, just to illustrate):

Research Policy

ISSN: 00487333
Subject: Science (General)
First published year: 1972

Reader accessibility
Open Access: No
Allows self-archiving of reviewed manuscript:
Hybrid: No
Alternative journals with Open Access:
The Journal of Philosophy, Science and Law PoS - Proceedings of Science Ingenierías Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology more alternative journals ...

Subscription price per article:
Subscription price per citation:

Databases indexing the journal: Social Sciences Citations Index --- International Political Science Abstract --- Compendex --- ABI/Inform
Journal eigenfactor:
Article Influence:
FRIDA score:
ISI impact factor: Available to Journal Citation Report subscribers

the above info is (cc) by-nc-sa

well, the copy&paste didn´t do justice to the info display over at the service itself, so have a look already(!).

i like particularly that price info is given. so that individual researchers can see the price their institutions pay for their favourite journals (info for which is usually opaque in the higher education system). further, i like that there is a listing of OA alternatives, and that one also gets an idea of the related journals in languages other than English.

see informational/promotional e-mail copied below:


Subject: Journal Info - information about journals with an OA-twist (

Dear All,

Lund University Libraries has, with financial support from the National Library of Sweden, put together a new tool to support researchers in their choice of journal for publication. The service, called ”Journal Info”, gives fast and simple access to journal information through a web interface, The journal information is divided up in general, accessibility, cost and quality and each area is supported by a number of relevant points. You can e.g. find in which databases a journal is indexed, how much it costs for the library to subscribe and which alternative OA journals exists. A total of 18,000 journals are currently supported in the database.

The service takes its aim at the researchers themselves and includes explanations for the interested beginner. The information is compiled from a larger number of services and will continually be updated. The service is designed to be a complement to DOAJ, the Directory of Open Access Journals (, which is also produced in Lund.

Welcome to test the new service. Please send comments and forward the announcement to fellow researchers and colleagues.

Best regards,

Håkan Carlsson
Biblioteksdirektionen / Head Office
Lunds universitet / Lund University Libraries
Box 134
221 00 LUND
Tel. +46 46-222 15 30
Fax + 46 46-222 36 82

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