Sunday, December 18, 2005

.eu domain name etc

IN recent weeks we have had lectures, in the Masters course, on domain name management, and more particularly dispute resolution. For all the examples mentioned in-class, it was never said that upon launching the system for registering a .eu domain name, the most requested domain was apparently
See " is top choice for Europe's own domain names" at
Second most-requested was

What else to tell? I watched a movie this afternoon, at the cinema, titled "Me, you, and everyone else we know" or something like that. The director was Miranda July, and it was an okay+ movie. Like most artsy flims, it had a suspended ending. It was sweet, but not earth-shattering.

Hey, as I sit here typing in my living room, on the tele on channel TVE 2 is a news item about an extreme sports event in Cape Town... It´s nice to see some images of CT. Funny, I don´t (ever) get homesick, and in that sense I am not attached to places. But I do miss people, and of course my dogs.


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