Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cape Town Open Source Workshop - 25 May 2006

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SystemicLogic Cape Town Open Source Workshop

SystemicLogic cordially invite you to attend our Open Source Workshop

Open Source Software in Business: Let's Bust Some Myths!

Mention Open Source Software and you're likely to start a religious
argument. Frothing-at-the-mouth supporters and detractors argue philosophy
and walk away even more convinced of their positions: "How can you not want
to use something that's free and open?"; "Nothing that's free and open can
be worth much"; "Why should I be bothered - Microsoft Office works just
fine"; "Do you think I would risk using stuff written by some hackers
sitting in outer Mongolia in my mission critical systems?" and "Why on earth
would I give away software that I can make money from?".

All of which helps little if you're trying to decide whether to decide
whether to allow your developers to use their own collections of their
favourite Open Source development tools or to use only the vendor's tools
that you bought, whether you should risk using Open Source integration
middleware, whether that Open Source accounting package should be
considered, or whether you should listen at all to those weird developers in
the corner that want to give away some software that you've paid for.

Let's have an informed, frank look at some of the myths surrounding Open
Source Software, and see if we can start to discern a rational approach to
help us make informed decisions in this space. Hopefully we'll all walk out
with some answers, but you can also help us to identify areas we need to
investigate where they are not clear-cut.

Date: 25 May 2006
Time: 8:30 for 9:00 until 11:00
Venue: Sanlam Training center, Room 3
Sanlam Head office
Voortrekker Street, Belville
Cape Town, South Africa

Breakfast with coffee and tea will be served.

Please book by replying to:
Or phone Jurgens on: +27 (0) 21 854-4543 / +27 (0) 82 371-8521

Regards, Jacky

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