Monday, December 19, 2005

internet family matters

One of my aunts relocated to Australia about 20 years ago, and they pretty much lost contact with one another. Then, earlier this year my Mom was able to locate her sister, and gave me her postal address, requesting that I write a letter on her behalf. Yes. I don´t know my aunt very well, but I did write the letter anyway, just before I left SA. And eight pages too, and I included my e-mail address just in case she wanted to use it (I didn´t know if she was online) or to pass to other family over there.

The happy event is that last week I received e-mail from cousins (Carol and Lyn) whom I had only ever heard about, and had never met in person. I was really surprised to receive those e-mails, and pleased as punch. And sighed happily when thinking "Isn´t the Internet just great!"


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