Monday, January 09, 2006

A new year & after London, after the Costa Brava

I am back in Madrid after having spent 10 days in London (22 Dec 2005 to 1 Jan 2006), and 6 days in the Costa Brava (2 to 8 Jan 2006). I start to like London, which was definitely not the case when I went there in 1992. In London, since I was there visiting with (my ex-partner now friend) Jacques, and his sister Adele, we had a nice Xmas and New Year´s Eve. The best in many years. And the fireworks from the London Eye as we greeted in 2006 were spectacular. I took the time to visit a number of places, most notably the Tate Modern, SOHO, all the bridges, Greenwich, and so forth.

In the Costa Brava I was with my friend Imma and her family and friends. I had a great time there too. On day 1 of my arrival at Imma´s mom´s place, Imma´s mom (Roser) took me aside to ask me about my dietary requirements, and after that made sure that I was well fed during my entire visit. It was great to be part of their familial Spanish /Catalan christmas tradition. We talked a lot, watched a number of movies, walked a lot, and visited a number of little villages in the Costa Brava region. And we waited for the three wise men in the town of Figueres.

A more comprehensive photo-illustrated version of my time during the holidays will be posted at in due course.


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