Monday, June 19, 2006


it´s what happens when we, almost aimlessly, browse the bookstacks, and when we meander online. also a term used in dog psychology. did you know that? i can´t remember who coined it in the latter sense. in dog-psych world it means redirecting the attention of your dog; so if he/she´s gotten hold of the toe of your favourite shoe (presuming it is not already chewed to beyond redemption) you could re-direct the attention of the dog to chew something which it is okay to chew on i.e. a bone or chew-toy. well, i digress, mostly because today i miss my dogs (Shasta, Yuki, Paquita, Eko) in a big way. custody battles involving kids seem less trying than custody battles involving pets. though, there is no battle to speak of. just some sort of resignation. change topic. for future refence, my serendipitous online browsing activity started with my reading a recent Bruce Sterling post on the nettime mailing list, and from there ending up at a biblio ref list for the book "Everyware: the dawning age of ubiquitous computing" (for which see : The blurb on the website rings as follows (text in bold are my emphasis):

The age of ubiquitous computing is here: a computing without computers, where information processing has diffused into everyday life, and virtually disappeared from view. What does this mean to those of us who will be encountering it? How will it transform our lives? And how will we learn to make wise decisions about something so hard to see?
Join noted writer and critical futurist Adam Greenfield as he explores this new technology and its implications for society, for business, for the way we design spaces and cities - even for the way we relate to each other.


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