Monday, June 19, 2006

where do you fit in?

first off, some really great city scape photos from the bitter* girls, see

thinking about life online, and considering blogs that i´ve seen, there seem to be, on the face of it, distinctions between bloggers who are in the USA, W Europe, etc. The time spent online is of course conditioned by affordability of connectivity, and this somehow manifests in the behaviour or act of blogging, as expressed in the frequency of doing so. But not only frequency. There seems to be a qualitative difference. Maybe it is that we merely reflect the {digital} environments we are a part of. Qstn: when you stumble across a blog, can you tell, without it´s being spelt out (in a profile, or on the page itself), where the blogger is located?
What this seems to suggest then is that instead of the dichotomy of being in-the-loop, or out-of-it, that there are layers to being wired. So, even if you are connected, it is not that you are in-the-hub/node, or outside of it, but rather that there are degrees of being in-the-hub/node or outside of it. Yes, I was arguing for the latter kind of stratification with my Berlin talk , specifically w.r.t. the information needs of the already-connected in the developing world. What I mean to emphasise this time, here, is the stratification in the wired sphere as well.


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